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2013 Dupont DM50 ***NEW PRICE!!!***

2013 Dupont DM50 ***NEW PRICE!!!***
Ever since Joseph Di Mauro built his last guitar in the early 1990s, Gypsy guitarists have longed for a reliable reissue of the classic Special Chorus model. After a long wait, Dupont has produced just that, a wonderful recreation of Di Mauro's distinctive design featuring f holes and a bent back that was made famous by players such as Moreno, Boulou Ferre, Patrick Saussois, Samy Daussat, Jean-Yves Dubanton, and even Pat Metheny!

As you'd expect, Maurice did a fantastic job recreating the classic Di Mauro sound. The tone of this instrument features a midrange which is richer than most, allowing for full sounding chords and thick single note lines. Lead lines have a unique, horn like quality with a nice roundness to the highs while chords are focused and well defined. A wonderful guitar for someone who finds typical Selmer copies to be a bit too brash.

This guitar projects nicely with more than enough volume to get you through a rowdy campfire jam. With low 2.8mm action, it plays better than most which makes it a great instrument for those looking to play difficult passages with ease.

Finally, it is a beautiful guitar to look at! The workmanship is flawless, the woods attractive, and most importantly its distinctive f hole design make it a Gypsy jazz fashion statement that few will forget. In a world of Gypsy guitars with oval and D soundholes, why not dare to be different and play one of these unique Di Mauro style guitars?

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