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Denis Chang DVD Jazz Manouche: Technique & Improvisation Volume 2

Denis Chang DVD Jazz Manouche: Technique & Improvisation Volume 2

In developing this 4 volume series, instructor Denis Chang’s intention was to help the student gain insight into both the technical and conceptual components of Jazz Manouche improvisation. Denis wanted the series to be comprehensive in both scope and detail and to provide years of instruction and exercises for the serious student of guitar.

Denis has structured the 4 volumes in a sequential fashion. Each successive DVD builds on the material and concepts that Denis covered in the previous DVD(s).

To obtain maximum benefit it is strongly advised that you follow Denis' curriculum, sequentially,
as Denis intended.

In “Jazz Manouche Technique & Improvisation Vol 2”, Denis starts with a quick review of Vol 1 Phrases, before moving on to… more phrases. Denis demonstrates how to place Phrases Over Chord Progressions, Phrases Over II-V-I Progressions, Tension/Resolution Concepts, and much, much more.

Almost 3 hrs of Instruction!

Topics covered in Volume 2 include:

Vol 1 Phrase Review • Phrases Over Chord Progressions • Improvise Your Own Phrases • Chord Progressions in Different Keys • Phrases Over II-V-I Progressions • II-V-I Tension/ Resolution Overview • Triplets Over II-V-I • V7 Chords to IMaj Overview • II-V-I Tritone Substitution Phrases • Breaking Phrases Into Smaller Pieces • Different Chords, Common Notes • Phrases Over G C#dim Am D7 • C#ø Cm G/B Bbo Am D7 Concepts • Alternating 2 Chord Phrases • Embellishing With Octaves • Delay Resolution With Dissonance and more

Denis has a B.Mus. from McGill University and has received several scholarships from the Berklee College of Music. He has performed, studied and recorded with Fapy Lafertin, Ritary Gaguenetti, Andreas Öberg, Chriss Campion, Paulus Schäfer, Lollo Meier, and many others. He is an endorser of AJL guitars, Godin Guitars, Saga Gitane Strings, Schatten Design. He performs regularly with his band Flèche d’Or.
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Vol. 2

Volume 2 starts where the first left off and really takes off. I've had this for about a week and am really enjoying this. While there are still useful licks to be had (even the stuff that he doesn't go over in detail), the idea of improvising in this style is laid out. I realized this about a third of the way through that this wasn't just going to be a series of licks, but that I could take an idea he discussed and work it out all over the neck, not just in the position that he showed an example in. It finally occurred to me that this is really meant to be more than just stuff to be inserted over song x or y. In order to truly incorporate it, I'm going to have to put some time in to study it. I nice example were the chapters on the Dark Eyes melody and embellishing the melody as a starting point to take some solos. I'm sort of oversimplifying this, for sure. But this is been a pretty big help, specifically in beginning to hear what I play and opening up the neck a bit more. While I'm tempted to zip through this and move on to volume 3, I'd be doing myself a huge disservice. There is probably a year of material to study on this dvd alone. Take that however you'd like in terms of working on the discs. But I'd go slow and make sure you get a topic (know how to apply it and when it would be useful) before you shelve it. Nice work, Dennis and Wayne.

Submitted by: jkaz on 12/29/2010 12:23:53 PM

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