Denis Chang Gypsy Jazz Playalong Series Vol.1 MP3 Download Denis Chang Gypsy Jazz Playalong Series Vol.1 MP3 Download Default Manufacturer 60 High Quality playalong tracks recorded by the illustrious Denis Chang! Arts & Entertainment denis-chang-gypsy-jazz-playalong-series-vol-1 1005 4.3 4 30.00
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Denis Chang Gypsy Jazz Playalong Series Vol.1 MP3 Download

Denis Chang Gypsy Jazz Playalong Series Vol.1 MP3 Download

60 professionally recorded Gypsy Jazz playalong tracks. The tempos and arrangements are based on popular recordings by artists such as Django Reinhardt, The Rosenberg Trio, Biréli Lagrène, etc…

These backing tracks are perfect for musicians who wish to have the full band experience; they can be used for solo gigs, busking, or practicing.


An improvisation guide with arpeggio suggestions for every song
PDF chord charts
8 studies on 4 classic Gypsy Jazz standards: Minor Swing, Dark Eyes, All of Me, and Coquette. Transcriptions in standard notation and TAB. Mp3 recordings of each study is included

MP3 files are encoded at 192kbps

List of songs:

After You've Gone
All Of Me (3)
Blues Clair (2)
Blues en Mineur
China Boy
Coquette (2)
Django's Tiger (2)
Douce Ambiance
For Sephora
Honeysuckle Rose
Hungaria (2)
I Can't Give You Anything But Love (4)
I Love You I'll See You In My Dreams
It Don't Mean a Thing
I've Found a New Baby
Je Suis Seul Ce Soir (2)
Joseph Joseph
Lady Be Good
Les Yeux Noirs (2)
Limehouse Blues (2)
Lulu Swing
Manoir de Mes Reves
Mélodie au Crépuscule (2)
Minor Swing (3)
Nuages (2)
Nuits de St-Germain-des-Prés
Rose Room
Sheik Of Araby
Stompin' at Decca
Sweet Georgia Brown (3)
Swing 42
Swing 48 (2)
Swing Gitan
Them There Eyes
What Is This Thing Called Love

GUITAR: Denis Chang
BASS: Paul Van Dyk

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Reviews and Ratings


Target Audience?

Pros: The MP3s are great - both musically and practically.

I'm not sure who the target audience is - the Improvization tips seem to mix rhythm and lead improv suggestions. In many cases, it appears to tell the rhythm guitarist to leave out chords if it's too difficult to play them at tempo. Then the improv suggestions use music theory terms to describe how arpegios might be constructed. There are no chord diagrams or tabs, so the target can't be a begining player, so why spend so much time simplifying the chord changes? I was looking for rhythm improv suggestions such as Dm7b5 substituting for Fm, as well as what the passing chords were. The suggested arpegios appear to be a sprinkling of examples based more on the individual chords found in the song, rather than helping me to smoothly go between an arpegio that might last over a II V and then turn into a chromatic run down to the I. (Actually, I learned the basic arpegios and have a hard time inserting things like a Major or Minor Pentatonic since I don't have a music degree.) The MP3s are absolutely great, clean and crisp, but there are many embellishments that aren't indicated on the leadsheets or in the Improv guides. These are the things I wanted to learn to advance my chord choices beyond the RNT book. I also liked the way the RNT playalongs added at least the head on the first pass thru the form, giving me a mental framework for improvising from. I will get some use out of the MP3s, assuming my ear can eventually pick out what the awesome passing chords are and how they're voiced. As someone else mentioned, the leadsheets are not (no melody, probably because that saves the expense of clearing rights for each song). I will give the arpeggio suggestions a try, perhaps learning one new type a week and trying to fit it in over the suggested chords. However, I don't know who I would recommend buy this. Certainly not a beginner, and a good player already knows this stuff. I thought it would help my rhythm substitutions, but there's not much there to learn. I guess the best choice would be a backing track for an intermediate lead player who wants to record himself with a great rhythm section.

Submitted by: Dupont MC-50 on 09/02/2011 03:37:42 PM



Overall fantastic, the playalongs were great, good quality recordings and multiple speeds. The studies sound very pleasing and are fun to play. The improvisation guides have some very nice insight and ideas. Only a minor few oversights to make it perfect 5 stars which you can either view these as homework for the buyer or missing! 1) chord voicing and heads for the lead sheets 2) fingering and reference arpeggios for the studies, seeing what they are built from would be nice. Definitely worth it, thanks Dennis.

Submitted by: andmer on 07/18/2011 09:54:56 AM


Great Product

Just received this yesterday. Lots of great playalongs. Superb quality as far as the recording goes. Good studies on 4 tunes with an easy and intermediate exercise

Submitted by: GJFAN on 07/13/2011 10:06:55 AM


Solid Foundation

Cons: My only disappointment is the chord sheets are not lead sheets - they do not include the basic melody lines for each song. If these would have been included this CD would have been a very complete pac

An excellent learning aid for anyone wanting to gain a solid foundation in lead playing over chord changes. - PlayAlong backing rhythm tracks to over 40 songs + Chord - Chord Sheets to these 40+ - More Advanced Improvisation Guides w/ tips for soloing over 40+ songs and/or alternate versions/keys - PlayAlong Etudes to 4 GJ standards which introduce many arpeggio etude riffs (learned per chord) one can utilize to play over any GJ song. Once these songs and arpeggios are memorized then the fun can begin in mixing and matching - pulling out the melodies which make solos sing.

Submitted by: HotTinRoof on 06/29/2011 02:06:52 PM

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