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D’Addario Silk and Steel Strings (11-47) EJ40

D’Addario Silk and Steel Strings (11-47) EJ40
Many professional Gypsy guitarists such as Stochelo Rosenberg and Fapy Lafertin prefer the mellow sound and easy playability of Silk and Steel strings.

Item# Note
inches mm
lbs kg
PL011 E
0.011 0.28
19.6 8.89
PL014 B
0.014 0.36
17.8 8.07
J4003 G
0.023 0.58
24.1 10.93
J4004 D
0.028 0.71
20.2 9.16
J4005 A
0.038 0.97
21.3 9.66
J4006 E
0.047 1.19
18.2 8.26
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I am glad to find these d'addario silk strings. I use thia brand for my classicals and electric and now my primary guitar, the gypsy jazz. I also picked up a Dupont bridge from here. perfect. I really don't see any reason to ever go back to the bridge that came with the Aria d-hole. Low enough that I get the tone, playability, and comfort for my fingerpicking hand but not so low I get any buzzes. I have not sanded it down and am not sure I will need to. It was shipped really quickly and I should mention that you should feel free to call them if you have any questions as I had had.

Submitted by: Jeffrey on 07/14/2012 08:16:11 AM

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