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2013 Holo Traditional

2013 Holo Traditional
Bob has made a name for himself over the last few years as an aficionado of the Franco-Italian guitar designs of Selmer, Maccaferri, Busato, Favino, etc. He spent years studying vintage Selmer style guitars including nearly every Selmer, Favino, and Busato that has come through our shop. He has taken on the challenge of making new guitars that have the elusive and ineffable qualities heard in the very best vintage Selmer type guitars. Few will doubt he has been incredibly successful in his quest, as his guitars are now in the hands of many of today's leading players: Rocky Gresset, Stephane Wrembel, Mathieu Chatelain, Neil Andersson, Antoine Boyer, Alfonso Ponticelli, etc. Bob has essentially been a "luthier for the stars" these past few years...but now you can take home one of these gems yourself!

This is Bob's Traditional model which The body is standard Selmer size (15 7/8") and the scale is 670mm.

This guitar is light and responsive at 3.8lbs! Most Duponts are around 4lbs, Dell Artes around 4.5 lbs.

The top is made from Romanian spruce and features a heat-bent pliage and the soundboard design & characteristics of late period Selmers. The back and sides are made of Indian rosewood laminated and braced per late-period Selmer spec. The neck is black walnut and is reinforced with two carbon strips to enhance stability. The fingerboard is ebony. The headstock and neck are of one solid piece, the heel is a bookmatched single-stack and the headstock is veneered on both front and back for strength. The interior is lacquered in the tradition of the original Selmers, and the tuners are Gold Schaller Selmer Deluxe with Galalith keys. The tailpiece is a Gold DR with, lacquered Rosewood insert, and the frets are jumbo 'Evo Gold' alloy. The guitar features an extended range of 22 frets, with the 14th fret falling 3.6mm inside the body-join as it does on Selmers.

The bridge is a new compensated design....looks really cool and does a great job intonating the guitar.

The sound of this particular guitar is exceptionally dry, direct, and clear. Beautifully balanced, this superlative instrument is equally well suited for both lead and rhythm playing. It possess impressive projection that rivals the best, seasoned vintage instruments.
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