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2015 ALD La Brune D Hole

2015 ALD La Brune D Hole

A superior Gypsy guitar built by Gerald Alonso and Fabian Le Dosseur in Rouen, France. ALD guitars are all the rage in Europe now, and are currently endorsed by Angelo Debarre. The distinct and beautiful tone of ALD guitars can be heard on Debarre's recent recordings such as Gipsy Unity, Live in Paris, and Trio Tout A Cordes.

ALD's have a unique and easily distinguishable tonal palette that is open, complex, and bold. This instrument is well suited to the needs of the contemporary Gypsy jazz guitarist as it has a well balanced frequency response, plentiful volume, and a modern neck profile. The precision fretwork and neck geometry allow for an easy-playing low action setup that is critical for today's highly technical style of playing. The workmanship is phenomenal, with every little detail done to perfection, making this instrument a treat both for the eye and the ear.

The Brune model is ALD's flagship Selmer copy. It features standard Selmer body proportions with deluxe wood choices: cedar top, maple neck, and stunning Macassar ebony back and sides. The beauty of this instrument is accentuated by the ebony headstock veneer which appears on both the front and back of the headstock, a unique and attractive feature! Additionally, the guitar is outfitted with Schaller Classic Deluxe tuners and a lacquered interior.

Cedar is known to provide new guitars with the character and maturity of old seasoned instruments. This is certainly the case with this exceptional guitar. First and foremost, it must be said that this instrument has that elusive "Wow!" factor right out of the box! The projection is just off the charts, making it about the loudest guitar we currently have in stock. Furthermore, the frequency response is wide and deep, producing full pianistic chords and mellifluous single-note passages. The full bodied tone makes this instrument extremely versatile, with a sound that works well from traditional Django style playing, to modern Gypsy jazz, to straight ahead jazz, folk and beyond. All in all, an exquisite instrument that is certain to delight nearly any guitarist!

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