AER Compact 60/3 Acoustic Amplifier AER Compact 60/3 Acoustic Amplifier AER The AER Compact 60's elegant design and satisfying sound have made it THE choice for professional acoustic guitarists. Few acoustic amps are so powerful yet so portable. Arts & Entertainment > Musical Instrument Accessories > Musical Instrument Amplifiers aer_compact_60_2 COMPACT-60/3 5.0 7 1199.00
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AER Compact 60/3 Acoustic Amplifier

AER Compact 60/3 Acoustic Amplifier
The AER Compact 60 rev.3 amplifier features an unbeatable combination of size, power, and sound quality. Nicknamed "Bingo," the Compact 60 is only 18lbs, making it is one of the lightest acoustic amps on the market. Don't be fooled by the power rating as the 60 watts that this amp produces are far more efficient than most other amps. The Compact 60 is louder than most amps rated at 200 watts.

An amp designed to meet the needs of the acoustic guitarist

The preamp  section is designed to "soften" the harsher qualities produced by most piezo pickups. In this regard it is a "miracle amp" as it seems to tame even the most unruly pickup systems, making them sound clean and natural. It is a simple to use "plug and play" amp which requires little expertise from the user. Most players find they spend far less time adjusting the tone controls with this amp as it usually sounds perfect when set flat.

The Compact 60 is played by the world's top professional guitarists

The outstanding performance of the Compact 60 has won it admirers the world over. Great acoustic guitarists such the legendary Tommy Emmanuel and John Renbourn perform with the Compact 60. Among Gypsy jazz guitarists, the Compact 60 has become the choice for amplification. Stochelo Rosenberg, Romane, Bireli Lagrene, Dorado Schmitt, and so many other greats of the style use this amp.

Although marketed as an "acoustic amp," the Compact 60 is used by many archtop jazz guitarists. Gene Bertoncini, Jack Wilkins, Russell Malone, and Martin Taylor have replaced much larger tube amps with the light weight and great sounding Compact 60!

An acoustic amp loaded with useful features

The Compact 60 has two input channels, one of which is a line input and the other a combination line/mic input. Many utilize these multiple channels to run dual pickup systems and/or microphones or you can even have two individual musicians performing through the same amp!

This amp also features an 8" twin-cone speaker, 4 digital effects, three band tone controls, and a stand mount. The rear of the amp has the following outputs: tuner out, line out, headphones, XLR DI-out, effects loop, and footswitch. The dynamic control features include a subsonic filter, an aural enhancer, and a limiter.

Includes padded gigbag w/shoulderstrap.

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Awesome amp for the gigging musician

I Have an AER compact 60 that I bought from Djangobooks new about 10 years ago. I love this amp, it's the best workhorse amp I've ever had. I've used it at least twice a week since then (Sometimes much more) and it has never failed me. I always have headroom to spare, it's light and portable, sounds great for vocals or violin on the second channel. It does color the sound somewhat but in a pleasing way to my ears. These days I run my Selmac with an Stimer pickup. Works really well for electric too. In fact I use it for everything now... Straight ahead Jazz gigs with an archtop, Blues with an ES 335 type and it sounds decent with the aid of a Tubescreamer. It handles all my needs so good that my Fender tube amp gathers dust in a corner and seldom gets to go out because it's much heavier.

Submitted by: BluesBopHarry on 02/08/2017 01:03:51 AM


best amp ever, worth every penny, MUST BUY


Cons: ZERO

I researched about this amp for about four months, at the beginning it seemed like a lot of money for such as small amp. Django had the best price even with the "specials" that other musical stores have from time to time and they are the only ones who offer the 110-220V switch (I travel sometimes to Argentina where the voltage is 220). I had questions about the open box item so sent a message a Friday at 9:30PM of a long holiday weekend and ... couldn't believe it, Michael replied 10 min. later!! sent two more messages, he even replied to me the last message on Saturday at 6:45AM. I HAD to buy it from him. He didn't have an open box at the moment, he sent a new one for the same price. I'm a business owner myself and let me tell you, buy from this guy and you WILL BE HAPPY with you purchase. and the amp is Beautiful and sounds like AMAZING.

Submitted by: Sebastian on 07/10/2013 08:09:33 PM


AER 60/3 compact amp

Michael at was thoroughly professional in our transaction. His advice was excellent as I was considering another amp as well. During snowstorm delays in shipping beyond his control, and in my desire to have the amp for a gig, with all the emails and calls, he was calm and patient. The AER amp is, what can I say, extraordinary. It lives up to all it's advertizing and comments. I cannot say more. I feel like a real professional with this quality piece of equipment. A great compliment to my signature Martin guitar. The price is commensurate with it's quality. Michael also beat any price out there. My compliments to Django Books for high quality of products and service.

Submitted by: Jupiter on 01/05/2013 02:43:08 PM


Best amp I ever owne

This amp does everything I need an amp to do and does it extremely well. After playing on stage at Western Swing, my daughter, who was in the audience said "Dad, buying that amp was a really good move".

Submitted by: Showboat on 09/13/2012 07:44:27 PM


Excellent purchase

The price was the lowest I found on the Internet and it was shipped quickly, I think from the distributor. Overall a very good buying experience.

Submitted by: Ralph on 04/06/2012 05:05:12 PM


Good buy!

Pros: So far this amp has done everthing I needed, and sounded amazing.

Not a whole lot to say, but I'm very happy with this little guy so far! They didn't happen to have it in stock when I ordered, so they were kind enough to just send me a factory sealed version from the distributor at no extra cost. Took a little longer, but worth the wait.

Submitted by: Dabethebabe on 10/19/2011 08:58:07 PM


Trust it.

I have been gigging with this amp for 3 years. It is the best piece of equipment I have purchased for live gigs in my 6 years of performances. Constantly receiving compliments on the amazing clarity of this amp from professional musicians. Ideal set up for a singer/guitarist. Loud enough to use when playing with a band. Excellent portability due to its 19lb weight and padded carrying bag. Can't go wrong with this amplifier.

Submitted by: ted on 11/25/2010 02:39:19 PM

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