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AER Compact Classic Pro Acoustic Amplifier

AER Compact Classic Pro Acoustic Amplifier
The Compact Classic pro is aimed at classical players and
their instruments. Compared to the Compact 60, the
Compact Classic benefi ts from an improved 2-way-speaker
system, a more complex three band EQ with parametric
bass and the 32bit AER digital effect processor with
carefully designed presets for classical instruments.

All the features combine perfectly to more allow for the
fi ner tonal texture of a classical instrument throughout
the full audio band. It enhances the low frequency response
without increasing feedback risk and creates beautiful
ambiences that enrich the tone.
60 watts, dynamic control

two-way speaker system, 8 (200 mm) twin cone
speaker plus tweeter

Single-channel, two inputs, 3 band EQ with bass parametric
32 bit AER digital effect processor with 16 presets 7,8
kg (17.20 lbs)
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AER Compact Classic Pro Acooustic Amp

MInd blowing amp...... just plug in and play Great built in pre amp no need for pickup systems with batteries or external pre amp and EQ No need for external effects the 32bit processor is studio quality, remarkable sustain qualities make long sustained solo notes a dream to play. The high notes are clear and the bass notes are warm and rich. It costs more than the Compact 60 but higher grade EQ and Effect that are built in thus saving money and keeping the signal path clean and simple. Great volume and presence. Of course its only as good as the guitar and pickup system you happen to be using For those of you with 3 to 5K wrapped up in a guitar its seems silly not to spend at least half that much on the best possible amp. I cannot imagine a better investment than this amp

Submitted by: gregory on 08/08/2014 01:32:45 PM

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