Phil Jones Air Pulse Super CUB AG-300 with Cover RED Phil Jones Air Pulse Super CUB AG-300 with Cover RED Phil Jones Pure Sound The Phil Jones AG-300 Super Cub pumps 250W of power through six 5" speakers. Arts & Entertainment > Musical Instrument Accessories > Musical Instrument Amplifiers aad-phil-jones-super-cub-ag-300-red AG-300 5.0 1 1359.99
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Phil Jones Air Pulse Super CUB AG-300 with Cover RED

Phil Jones Air Pulse Super CUB AG-300 with Cover RED


Phil Jones and the staff at AAD (American Acoustic Development) continue to develop novel state-of-the-art acoustic instrument amplifiers including the new CUB AG-300...the "Super Cub."

As with its other models, much of the "magic" of the PJB aka AAD sound in the CUB AG-300 stems from the company's proprietary long-throw 5" full-range drivers. These little speakers react nearly instantly to an instrument's input, enunciating fundamental and upper harmonic frequencies with clarity, definition and composure.

The AG-300 speaker cabinet features four traditional forward facing speakers plus two non-traditional upward facing speakers. This unique combination allows the AG-300 to develop its sound for the audience as well as disperse it around the stage for the musicians. Clever and highly effective, it also provides a certain 3-D image that complements the nature of acoustic instruments.

Voiced for acoustic guitars and related string instruments (violin, mandolin, etc), the CUB AG-300's preamplifier features a 5-band EQ section at specific frequency points. These additional controls help mold the amplifier's sound to your particular instrument or acoustics of the room/venue.

The CUB AG-300 power section generates 250 watts RMS with a natural sounding digital class A/B amplifier. When pushed to extremes, the amp's intelligently designed circuitry will engage a soft compression mode rather than allow the sound to distort or risk component damage.

A balanced XLR output for connecting to a PA supplies the CUB AG-300 with flexibility to meet most any gigging or recording requirement. Effects send/return allows you to plug in any special processing you require.

Weighing in at 26 Lbs/12Kg and measuring only slightly more than a cubic foot, the CUB AG-300 provides an exemplary and complete amplification solution for the acoustic instrumentalist.

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Amp Specs
Model: SUPER CUB AG-300
Type: Compact size 2CH guitar amplifier with digital reverb,250W output,2x 3 band EQ,DI out,pre-amp out,tuner out
Size: 12.5 x13.75 x 14 inch (W x D x H)
Poweroutput: 250W RMS
Speakers: 6 x PJB NeoPower Type C
Net Weight: 27 lbs/12.2 kg
Volts: 120 or 240V AC

Phil Jones Super Cub AG-300 Manual

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Cons: Expensive! But you get what you pay for!

Oh my! Waited an extra month for the red. (which by the way is like ruby red and great looking) I own an AER compact 60 a Roland acoustic and a Genz Benz Black pearl. All of these are quiet and warm sounding. I have more guitars than talent and have only played my Eastman Elray II, American tele, Rick Turner and Taylor 410CE with this newbe. The Amp is sooo quiet, can not tell your pluged into anything.(I love that) The most amazing quality of this amp, is that every guitar I plug into her sounds completly different, more so than any other amp I have ever owned. Timbers I did not know existed on them. The reverb and acoustic effects are clear and natural. I'm an old audiophile and tone and presence is what I was after. Very Happy with this purchase. My AER will be lonely

Submitted by: Jimmy on 05/06/2011 08:01:33 AM

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