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2017 Dupont Lloyd

2017 Dupont Lloyd

Connoisseurs have long known that the best sounding Gibson archtop guitars are the 1920s L5 models that were designed by the legendary acoustic engineer Lloyd Loar. These were the very first jazz guitars which, largely due to the innovations introduced by Lloyd Loar, posses tonal subtleties and acoustic projection that later models never matched. Unfortunately, the original vintage L5s from this era are prohibitively expensive for most players. But now, Maurice Dupont has taken it upon himself to recreate the magic of this historic jazz guitar!

Maurice's attention to detail is admirable, with nearly every sonic and aesthetic detail replicated with great care. The period headstock shape, flowerpot inlay, pointed fingerboard, celluloid binding, vintage style pickguard, and sunburst finish all conjure the beauty of the original L5. The solid flamed maple back and sides and aged spruce top are both visually and sonically stunning!

Like the original L5, this guitar has no cutaway or pickups which tend to rob the guitar of much of it's acoustic sound. The comfortable 16" body and 24 3/4" scale make it exceptionally easy to play. Even with low 2.2mm action, this instrument retains it's roaring acoustic projection and complex, mellifluous tone.

Purely acoustic archtops of any kind are not easy to find, but instruments based on Loar's legendary design are a precious rarity. Collings AT-16 archtop model and Jackson Cunningham's L5 copies are nearly the only regularly produced models, both priced at two or three times what this Dupont Loar model costs. So it goes without saying, this instrument is a fantastic bargain for players looking for that classic Lloyd Loar L5 magic without breaking the bank!

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