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Raphael Fays - mi camino con el Flamenco

Raphael Fays - mi camino con el Flamenco
Raphael Fays - mi camino con el Flamenco
Raphael Fays - mi camino con el Flamenco
Coming in the wake of Andalucia (2006) and Extremadura (2009), Mi Camino Con El Flamenco is Raphael Fays' third opus entirely devoted to flamenco.

Raphael Fays is a passionate man. Since 1987, the year of his encounter with Paco de Lucia, he has been devoting all his time and energy to carving out a path for himself in a particularly demanding musical tradition marked by the heritage of various unusual personalities. He makes no mystery of his principal influences outside Paco de Lucia – they are Ramon Montoya, Nino de Ricardo and Sabicas. But he also wants to bring his own modest contribution to an edifice undergoing constant change, and rather than play at being a follower or an imitator, he's developed his own individual approach to the subject. Some would call it his style.

This style reconciles the three main traits of Fays' music – the melodic richness of each composition, his impeccable instrumental technique, the hallmark of his long experience and intensive practice, and the expressive quality of his playing where only the essential comes through, just enough to add a certain flourish to the principal discourse. These are the trademarks of a style Raphael Fays been developing almost secretly for nearly a quarter of a century now. In 1989, in the second part of his album Voyages, he revealed the result of his first incursions into the field of Andalusian gypsy music with a great deal of spontaneity, energy and authority ("Palma de Mallorca", "Hispanic", "Hommage to Paco Lucia"/ "Entre dos Aguas* and Buleria"*). Two years later he renewed the experience, more discreetly this time, in his album Gypsy Touch ("Los Arcos"*, "Impression Andalouse", "Canela").

* After much thought and repeated playing of some pieces, Fays decided to propose new versions of certain titles: "Hommage à Paco de Lucia"/"Entre dos Aguas"* in the present album, "Los Arcos"* in Andalucia, [Primera]"Buleria"* in Extremadura).

Raphaël Faÿs, guitarra flamenca
Tito, guitarra flamenca
Claude Mouton, contrebajo
Laurent Zeller, violin
José Palomo, percusiones
Manuel Guitierrez, baile
Alejandro Gimenez, canto

1. Mi Camino Con El Flamenco   
2. Viejo Pueblo       
3. A Mi Padre       
4. Rio Ancho   
5. Luna De Fuego   
6. Acuarela   
7. Entre Dos Aguas   
8. Para Mi Compadres   
9. Maestro Paco   
10. Fantasia Romantica
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