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Raezer’s Edge One 6 Speaker Cabinet (Includes Cover)

Raezer’s Edge One 6 Speaker Cabinet (Includes Cover)

speaker cabinet
1x6" configuration

The nearly nano-sized Raezer's Edge One-6 was engineered as an extremely compact and portable solution for amplifiying archtop or nylon-string classical guitars, yet with that full rich sound that Raezer's Edge cabinets have long been known.

Like its NY 8 "big" brother, the even smaller One-6 is ultra compact in overall dimensions. Yet the One-6 is surprisingly big and warm in tone. It works exceedingly well in smaller rooms and also in bands with full rhythm sections where the ideal guitar sound fits within a certain "sonic window."

The One-6 can also be used in conjunction with other RE cabinets for an expanded dual speaker sound or to achieve higher volume pressure levels. For example, it is a great solution as a "sidekick" cabinet to the Stealth 10, Stealth 12, or Twin 8. Or as an inconspicuous stage monitor.

Speaker: 1x6" full range
Rating: 250 watts RMS
Frequency response: 50Hz-5k
Input jacks: Neutrik Speakon and 1/4"

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