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Galli GSB11lp Gypsy Strings (1 Set)

Galli GSB11lp Gypsy Strings  (1 Set)

Galli Strings (1 set): GSB11lp (loop end medium) - Gauge: 11-47

The Gypsy Jazz Silver Plated Strings, are created with a steel core, wrapped in silver plated copper, and characterised by a sharp and decisive sound. The GS line of strings are Gallis attempt to match the classic sound of the traditional Argentine string.

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Reviews and Ratings

Excellent Product

By: Dwaine on 08/10/2011 08:01:54 AM

I have tried a lot of strings since I acquired my D-500. Argies, Ddarios, Jorgenson's signature set--which are very nice-- and Manouche Tone strings too, but I like Galli 11's the best so far for consistency, price and smooth tonal balance. I've never waited more than three days for an order from djangobooks. thanks!

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