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Galli GSB10lp Gypsy Strings (1 Set)

Galli GSB10lp Gypsy Strings  (1 Set)

Galli Strings (1 set): GSB10lp (loop end light) - Gauge: 10-45

The Gypsy Jazz Silver Plated Strings, are created with a steel core, wrapped in silver plated copper, and characterised by a sharp and decisive sound. The GS line of strings are Gallis attempt to match the classic sound of the traditional Argentine string.

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Reviews and Ratings

galli strings

By: scaley on 05/03/2011 01:47:23 PM

Not a bad string at all. They seem to have a warmer quality to them than some. They are not quite as good as the Argentines when it comes to longevity or intonation integrity over time.

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