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Pearl Django Play-Along Songbook Vol.1

Pearl Django Play-Along Songbook Vol.1
Pearl Django Play-Along Songbook Vol.1
Pearl Django Play-Along Songbook Vol.1

Gypsy jazz standards, and Pearl Django originals for instrumentalists of any skill level. The easy-to-read standard notation, guitar tablature, and chord diagrams will allow beginning students to quickly learn the core Gypsy jazz repertoire. More advanced students will benefit from the carefully notated intros and outros, melodic embellishments, advanced chord voicings, and harmony parts. The accompanying play-along audio CD will allow you to practice your own solos with the Pearl Django rhythm section.

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Reviews and Ratings

Very well written!

By: Takacs on 10/17/2012 09:34:02 AM

I am taking up playing again after a 20 year hiatus. So I have very recently made several purchases of instructional material to help get me back into the game. I had initially ordered another publication (by an artist I admire)that purported to be "comprehensive". And while it was indeed dense with information, the songs included were exclusively that of the author(s)with no standard compositions. The accompanying CD had samples recorded upon some sort of synthesizer which of course had none of the dynamics of the guitar. I was to discover that to make this book useful I would essentially have to purchase four of the authors albums (and was told as much in the text...shameless shilling). Also the text seemed to have been poorly translated into english and in need of editing. Disappointing. Not so with the Pearl Django publication by Mr. Ruby, a book that delivers exactly what it promises. Thoughtful graphic design and editing, mostly standard compositions and a truly useful CD that comes as close as possible to the sensation of sitting in with the the band. It is quite gratifying to have an immediate familiarity with the selected songs and the structure of the accompanying tracks. I can heartily reccomend this publication to any one wishing to learn and simply have a great time doing it. I only hope that we see more of these works from Mr. Ruby and his editors. Thanks!

good deal

By: Danno on 04/13/2012 01:54:48 PM

Being a newbie found book a little difficult to follow at time; would like to see jazz equations (ii-V-I) for each piece, author talks about it in book but not listed: re the CD would have liked to see the quitar seperated out on its own, re the examples of the beats would like to hear them at 50% then 75% then 100% speed for at least eight to ten bars; would like to hear the alternate chord changes on the CD and hear examples of the swing and jazz ballad beats. BUT all in all a great buy. I am glad I bought it. I will add more when I have had a chance to spend more time with them. I highly recommend it, more so for an advanced beginner ot intermediate player.

Top Quality

By: Steve on 08/28/2011 02:33:52 PM

I love Pearl Django yet this isn't an entertainment package, it's a learning and practicing package. That said, it's a top notch production. There are cheaper playalongs on the market but like a good guitar, you only have to pay for this playalong once!

Excellent Songbook

By: Martus on 05/04/2011 08:41:45 AM

Very clear..easy to use. Only wish there had been more songs, though there's plenty to keep one busy here.

Great Book!

By: John on 04/27/2011 06:37:44 AM

A good learning tool!

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