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Argentine Strings (5 sets): 1510

Argentine Strings (5 sets): 1510
Argentine strings are the original Gypsy jazz string used by Django Reinhardt and nearly every other Gypsy jazz guitarist.

Light gauge - .010 .014 .022 .028 .036 .045

Loop end

Round core

Silver plated copper

Purple silk winding

Manufactured by Savarez in France.

Light gauge Argentine strings usually sound best on long scale Selmer style guitars (670mm or longer) with higher action.

Most Selmer style tailpieces will take both loop end or ball end strings. There is no difference in sound or playability between the two.

Retail: $50.00
On Sale: $45.00
You Save: 10%

Reviews and Ratings

The best strings

By: klaatu on 08/29/2012 05:09:48 PM

I've tried many different gypsy string brands and ended up coming back to Argentines. No one else has achieved the combination of tone and playability that you find with Argentines, and Michael's prices are unmatched.

Argentine strings

By: Nodjango on 07/13/2012 01:53:45 AM

I had big trouble scourcing gypsy guitar strings in Oz, especially the preferred Argentine 10's with ball ends. Getting the 5 pack fromn Django Books was a no brainer, the turnaround was quick price per set is the cheapest by miles. Plus you can get packs of a particular guage, wound G stings in my case, which is fantastic. Nodjango Red Cliffs Victoria Australia

Very good strings

By: guitarnowski on 03/19/2012 07:26:21 PM

I've tried a number of different gypsy strings on my Gitane DG-255, but I like these the best. I like their dry, somewhat trebly rhythm tone, they have a fairly even volume across the strings for leads. They're pretty sturdy. I think I play pretty hard and they last quite a while. And the price is right, especially if you buy 5 sets at a time.

Still the best

By: Guitarmonster56 on 01/22/2012 04:59:57 PM

Michael and crew (how many people are there at Django Books?) do a GREAT job of getting stuff out. Living in the middle of the Pacific Ocean makes it tough to get proper Django support. I can count on getting my orders within a week. And the the strings are still the best sounding wires on my Wrembel. Thanks Michael!

My favorite!

By: Dmitry on 10/10/2011 04:19:41 PM

The best strings for manouche I think - just try it one time and will never use others:) After buying Savarez from Djangobooks I can change them once in a week - the best price!


By: fmkrowa on 09/13/2011 08:24:30 PM

Great, durable strings with 'the sound' ... very authentic sounding. So far, my favorites

Number one

By: Lou on 05/31/2011 12:01:03 PM

Reliable and efficient! When you can't wait for swing... Lou Boustani Musician, artistic director Founder of the Montreal Gypsy Jazz School

Argentine strings

By: scaley on 05/03/2011 01:32:24 PM

Have tried a bunch of gypsy guitar strings and I must say that the Argentines thus far have the best longevity and intonation last considerably longer than other strings I've tried....plus with the bulk discount they are a great value!

THE strings!

By: John on 04/27/2011 06:37:10 AM

I am told these are THE Gypsy jazz strings

Argentine 1510 (5 se

By: kohno on 04/23/2011 07:41:37 AM

Consistent quality and intonation, bright tone. Very grateful to have them packaged in 5-packs and specially priced.

love the strings!

By: Alaska Guitar on 04/22/2011 10:53:00 PM

I love these strings. Great projection in tone, bright and easy to play.

Argentine 1510

By: Neil Andersson on 01/02/2011 01:35:37 PM

For that original sound, I prefer these strings. The round core makes the string slightly more flexible - and the feel of the strings is great.

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