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Unaccompanied Django

This 176 page spiral bound book and CD contains:
  • Accurate transcriptions for sixteen Django Reinhardt unaccompanied solo guitar pieces.
  • Two transcriptions of unaccompanied guitar pieces by Stochelo Rosenberg, one of the contemporary masters of Gypsy jazz guitar.
  • Three Gypsy Etudes based on harmonic and melodic devices used by contemporary Gypsy guitarists such as Angelo Debarre, Boulou Ferre, Fapy Lafertin, and Bireli Lagrene.
  • All transcriptions are both standard notation and tablature. Gypsy-style fingering and pick-stroke suggestions are included.
  • Extensive notes for each transcription which include musical analysis and historical information.
  • An appendix that includes a translation of Hugues Panassie's account of a recording session with Django on April 27, 1937.
  • An audio CD with all of Django's unaccompanied recordings.

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