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Gypsy Fire

This 60-page book and CD includes:
  • Thirty of the most common phrases and arpeggios used by Django Reinhardt, Biréli Lagrčne, Jimmy Rosenberg, Stochelo Rosenberg, and other contemporary Gypsy jazz virtuosos
  • Four complete Gypsy jazz style solos of various skill levels composed by Andreas Öberg
  • Transcriptions that are both standard notation and tablature (guitar chord diagrams included)
  • Notation of fingerings, picking and chord voicings used by professional Gypsy jazz guitarists
  • An audio CD with all examples played by Andreas Öberg at slow and fast tempos
The book is organized into two sections:
  • Part I, "Gypsy Jazz Patterns," contains thirty of the most commonly used Gypsy jazz phrases and arpeggios.
  • Part II, "Solos," contains four authentic Gypsy jazz style solos composed by Andreas Öberg.

The accompanying CD has audio examples of the thirty phrases, patterns, arpeggios and full length solos.

This book is designed to teach thirty essential Gypsy jazz style patterns and arpeggios to guitarists of any skill level. The examples within will enable beginning students to quickly develop an authentic Gypsy jazz guitar technique. More advanced students will benefit from the notation of the highly efficient fingerings and picking used by most professional Gypsy jazz guitarists. To put these techniques into context, four complete Gypsy jazz style solos of varying skill levels are included. The accompanying play-along audio CD will allow you to practice these techniques at slow and fast tempos. Those studying Gypsy Picking will find Gypsy Fire an excellent way to further develop their rest-stroke picking technique.

One of the unique features of this book is the meticulous attention given to right-hand pick strokes and left-hand fingerings. The picking patterns and fingerings notated in this book are based on research among Gypsy musicians and the study of video footage of Django Reinhardt. Unlike many other Gypsy jazz guitar instructional books, this book does not contain fingering and picking suggestions that are unidiomatic to the Gypsy jazz genre, or worst, merely afterthoughts full of errors. To spare you this frustration, the examples in this book demonstrate proven ways of executing Gypsy musical phrases.

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