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AER Acousticube 3 Amplifier


input 1,2 6.3 mm (1/4”) multi-purpose input jack socket with
mode select (piezo, line, mic, E/P mode).

Tone Controls

equalizer three band tone controls for both channels
colour ‘mid-cut-treble-boost’- filter
effect 32 bit AER digital effect processor with 100 presets
(can be modified via USB and PC Software).


power amp 120 W / 8 ohms, dynamic control
analog signal subsonic filter, low distortion
processing RMS limiter

Speaker System

two-way speaker system with 8“- diecast neodymium, kevlar® cone bass
and neodymium tweeter


tuner, headphones, sub, line out, L/R-out, record, master insert, adjustable
aux in, presence, adjustable DI-out, send, return, ser/par. effect loop, mic
input, effects-software


padded gigbag
optional: footpedal


cabinet 15 mm (0.59”) finnish birch plywood
finish waterbased acrylic, black spatter " nish
dimensions 325 mm x 335 mm x 260 mm
(12.80“ x 13.20“ x 10.20“), HxWxD
weight 13,00 kg (28.67 lbs)

Can be combined with
CX 8, AS Q8, AS 281, Sub 10 AER Acousticube 3 Manual
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