Cigano GJ-10 or Gallato Django

Hello one and all,

I've been playing guitar, weissenborn and banjo for many years, but now I've got the gypsy bug (again..). In the search to pick up a good student guitar, to learn and to play with my buddies, I've been cutting down the options to 2 models:

1)the Cigano GJ-10, petite bouche, € 460 Plays nice, for me the sound is ok as far as I can tell. The lower strings have a slight buzz in the first 5 frets, but apart from that it's a nice instrument.

2) the Gallato Django, D-hole, €500,-. Plays nice also, the neck seems quite narrow for a D-Hole, but it seems to have a bit more volume than the Cigano.

A lot has been written about the Cigano, many positive things about sound and playability and all that, but the Gallato Django does not have many reviews. I understand that both guitars are cheap factory models, maybe from Asia somewhere, and that all the gypsy-addicts prefer different guitars than these, but to start playing gypsy i have to look at my budget as well. If the gypsy bug becomes serious, then I will look for a good one.

Since I am rather new to this scene, I was wondering if somebody has any recommendations, advice or suggestions, because I find it very hard to make a decision. The thing is, while playing them at 2 different stores, the sound might sound different, the volume picks up different and sometimes I just play better than other times, so it's difficult to compare the both models. But in terms of quality, sounds and general opinion, which one would the expert recommend?

I am looking for a model that helps me out with learning both rythym sections and lead, I want to learn both, and I play alot with my buddy (he has a loud D-hole by Gitane-Saga), so it needs some volume as well.

Thank you in advance for the help of a beginner in the Gypsy-Genre!!



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    I like the Cigano myself but haven't tried that particular gallato... I guess both would make a good entry level gypsy guitar. If possible convince your jamming buddy and his Gitane to go with you and try both guitars in a duo setting to hear which one works best in both lead and rhythm duties.
    D-holes typically sound louder to the player but oval holes project better at a distance, so having someone in front of you give you his opinion can be very valuable.
    Go for the one YOU like best and keep in mind that buzz can be corrected with a good setup.
    Good luck!
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    Thank you for your reply! I ended up buying a Cigano GJ-15, the D-Hole. I've been trying and testing many models in the lower price range, but this one has a good volume and plays lovely! I tried that Gallato as well, but the sound was very small, especially with my buddie next to me. I think I made the right choice and now it's a matter of getting started! By fingertips are bleeding, so that's a good sign. I havent played this much as now in years!
    This one also has a buzz, so I should take it to a guy who knows how to solve it. After that it should be all right to get started!
    Thanks for you advice!!

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    Get a nice set up on the Cigano, and lose the stock string. Argentine 11s work well on this Cigano model
    Jill Martini Soiree - Gypsy Swing & Cocktail Jazz
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