New video series on refinishing guitars

ShawnShawn Boise, Idaho✭✭✭✭
Alright, I've finally decided to start a video series on youtube on how to refinish Acoustic/Selmer guitars. This is the Poorman's/Cheapman's way to get a great finish at very little cost. I've refinished many guitars using this method, and it seems to be the best so far, as I've never seen anyone else finish guitars with this technique. I have the first Episode up on my youtube channel here:

I wanted to do this as I've had several (ok, many) requests to show how I get an ultra thin and strong finish from French polishing and Nitrocellulose lacquer on various guitars I've shown here on Djangobooks. This first Episode is broken into two parts and will show the materials you will need to complete this process. Hopefully, I'll give you guys a laugh or two along the way, and detailed instructions on how to get the best possible finish on your guitar for very little cost.

Please feel free to comment on my videos if you have a youtube account, as feedback is always appreciated!!! I also have videos of me playing various guitars I have refinished, rebuilt, modified, etc. so please enjoy and hopefully you can get some good ideas of how various guitars sound depending on the finishing techniques used on them. :D
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