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gypsy jazz german players are needed badly- shops

rafapakrafapak ✭✭
edited January 2011 in Gypsy Jazz 101 Posts: 197
hi guys

I am looking for germany gypsy guitar players. You guys probably know where good shops with gypsy guitars are in Germany. Well, I wrote an email to pro arte company that is supposed to be SAGA dealer but unfortunately received no response. The same case was with few different online shops selling gypsy guitars. My problem is that I would not like to use internet shop for buying gypsy guitar. My favourite way to buy an instrument is just to go to a shop and just keep the guitar in my hands for a couple of minutes before making decision. With internet shops you can't do that. I am sure it is possible to find good shops in Germany that sell gypsy guitars. Please, let me know guys which shops should I contact. It doesn't matter to me where in Germany. Well, shops close to border with Poland would be desired but I will go wherever in Germany to buy Gitane guitar. Please, help me in this matter.


  • alberto250579alberto250579 pordenone italy✭✭✭
    Posts: 21
    Hello, actually i see in germany sould not be a very big problem find a GJ guitar can try to make a scherc on e-bay...i belive you will find a shop...
    anyway i can understand...because i had the same problem here in Italy...then, after i buyed my GJ guitar i found out there are much more shop then i beloved...i also found a great young lhutier is actually living close to my city...funny!
    Here is a list of shop selling wegwn pick in europe...for shure there you will find a Gypsy Jazz guitar!


    * RUSSIA: Dmitry Kuptsov, Moscow. /
    * FRANCE: François Charle , Paris,
    * FRANCE: Nevers Music Shop, Nevers,
    * FRANCE: Guitare Village, Domont,
    * FRANCE: Olivier Pozzo, artisan luthier guitare, Nimes
    * NETHERLANDS: Muziekhuis Souman, Wezep,
    * NETHERLANDS: Palm Guitars, Amsterdam, or <!-- e --><a href=""></a><!-- e -->
    * NETHERLANDS : De Muziekerije, Hilversum <!-- e --><a href=""></a><!-- e -->
    * NETHERLANDS: VintageGitaar, excellent Peavey Guitars!
    * DEUTSCHLAND: New Acoustic Gallery D-42657 Solingen
    * DEUTSCHLAND: Liberty Music - Neustadt/Weinstrasse -
    * DEUTSCHLAND: Tone Toys, Bad Boll,
    * DEUTSCHLAND: Gypsyguitar, Kirchheim
    * DEUTSCHLAND: Sound Aktuell, Regensburg
    * DEUTSCHLAND: Hotclubnews e.V., Augsburg
    * DEUTSCHLAND: Martin's Muzik Kiste, Kaltenkirchen D-24560
    * DEUTSCHLAND: Musikbaum, Bonn,
    * DEUTSCHLAND: Plectronic, Rechtberghausen D-73098
    * LUXEMBOURG: Euromusica S.A. Luxembourg
    * UK : Newstrings Guitar
    * UK : R J Aylward Guitars <!-- e --><a href=""></a><!-- e -->
    * UK: Musical Instruments, Cheltenham,Gl
    * UK: Ged Greens Guitar Workshop - Manchester / Cheshire
    * BELGIUM: Miles Tones Music - Borgerhout
    * BELGIUM: Muziekhandel ALLA BREVE, Roeselare.
    * BELGIUM: The Guitarshop, Gent,
    * HUNGARY: Stageshop, Budapest,
    * ICELAND: Tonastodin, Reykjavik, email: <!-- e --><a href=""></a><!-- e -->
    * NORWAY: Henning, Oslo <!-- e --><a href=""></a><!-- e -->
    * NORWAY: Hornaas Muzikk As, Oslo
    * FINLAND: AJL-Guitars, Kokola
    * SPAIN/PORTUGAL: Tico Musica, Barcelona <!-- e --><a href=""></a><!-- e -->

    as you see there are more than one in germany.
    the list is from the wegen pick site

    ...if you search on sites that sell accessory for gypsy jazz guitars (strings, plectrum, etc) and you go on "dealers", you are going to find many more shops...
    then if you live close to hamburg i reccomand you this young guy...

    he is building some very nice favino's copy...and he have some "good" instrument from 450 euro (not so good, but nice to play), to wonderful guitars around 7000 euro (like old favino or a superb D hole older than my father....about 70 year). he is very gentle and i tryed all these instrument...i have been luky to find his shop in front of my schwager's place.
    Good luck with your reserch
  • duomosikduomosik New
    Posts: 2
    the only good shop in germany is run by norman ort:

    good luck
  • rafapakrafapak ✭✭
    Posts: 197
    duomosik wrote:
    the only good shop in germany is run by norman ort:

    good luck

    I wrote an email in English to this company but received no response. Maybe they are prejudiced towards Polish people. I was clear about my nationality in this mail and probably therefore I received no answer. I think I will try again. Maybe they lost my message or sth?

    They are located in Kirchheim as far as I remember. Is it easy to get to their shop by bus or by train from the center of Munchen? I think I read somewhere that Kirchheim is in the subburbs of Munchen

    thanks for help guys
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