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Is my guitar a real selmer-maccaferri?

edited January 2011 in Photos Posts: 9
Hello everyone!
well, my uncle gave me this guitar a couple of years ago and he reckons its pretty old, as hes had it for around 15 years. He told me that it is definitely a maccaferri but i have no idea what kind, when it was made and how much its worth... the pics that i will send you shows the guitar with no strings because the photos where taken when i was restringing it. Its in pretty good condition but if its quite old then its in great condition, only a couple of scratches, (mainly on the neck and front of the body) i hope you can help me find out this information about this guitar.



here are the pictures:


  • MitchMitch Paris, Jazz manouche's capital city!✭✭✭✭ Di Mauro, Lebreton, Castelluccia, Patenotte, Gallato
    Posts: 159
    Hi Glitcha,

    Well your guitar is looking really great but it wans't built either by Maccaferri nor Selmer.

    it's a perfect copy.

    You can tell it is not an original because :

    - it looks brand new
    - the tailpiece is note marked " HS" for Henri Selmer
    - the Selmer always have Selmer mark on the head
    - the bindings around the hole are not like on the original Selmer

    Nevertheless, she really looks great. How is she sounding?
  • sockeyesockeye Philadelphie sur SchuylkillNew
    Posts: 415
    Looks like a CSL or Ibanez from the 70s/early 80s. Mario Maccaferri did get involved and lend his name to these brands. Here are some pics of a D-hole; you'll see some details like the tailpiece are the same. ... 10_206.htm
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