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UPGRADED Gitane D-500 2003 Satin Finish No. 267

edited October 2010 in Classifieds Posts: 9
Early serial number w/satin finish AND a professionally REFINISHED TOP IN FRENCH POLISH!
This guitar has upgraded tuners, bridge and tailpiece, as well as full fret level.
Comes with hardshell case. $600 for a very special short-scale D-hole.


  • Posts: 46
    Hi,what type of tuners, tailpiece and bridge...and how does it sound, what difference did the upgrades (4) achieve if you could explain in detail. Looks real nice.
    as a wise man once said "shut up and play yer guitar"!

    Frank Zappa
  • CloveritoCloverito
    Posts: 9
    The tuners are the Saga deluxe; the tailpiece is a DR from China.
    Bridge and Moustache from **** at ****. I bought the
    guitar in mint condition. The action was extremely low and the intonation
    was off, especially the B string. The new bridge improved the intonation
    immensely. Even though this guitar had the matte poly finish, which is
    preferable to the heavy finish on the new guitars, it still had the dampened
    sound associated with these guitars. No, refinishing this guitar hasn't made
    it comparable to a Dupont, by any stretch, but it is louder, clearer and
    better balanced than before. It feels great, and is a very versatile guitar,
    great for fingerstyle too!
  • elropoelropo tampa bay, florida✭✭ Gitane D500 modified
    Posts: 24
    what steps did you go through to remove the poly from the top?
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