Jamming w/other GJ players in Toronto Sep. 8 - 19

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Yesterday I had a chance to do some jamming down here in Niagara where I live with Miguel, who was visiting from Brampton with his family, but snuck away for a couple of hours of guitar playing. Great fun!

Miguel tells me that there is a GJ jam session in Toronto every Tuesday night at the Dominion pub on Queen St. which I'll definitely attend during my visit to Toronto Sep 8 - 19 where my wife and I will be attending the TIFF (Toronto International Film Festival)... unfortunately, the dates of our visit are such that I'll only be in town for one Tuesday night, the 14th of September.

I'm hoping that there'll be GJ players in the Toronto area who are up for getting together and doing some jamming any other night during my visit... the GJ scene here in the Niagara area where I live is just me and one other guitar player!

My wife and I will be out watching films all day and relaxing in the evening. We can't have any wild parties or jam sessions at the building where we're staying, but I'm sure jamming with just another acoustic guitarist would be fine.

Please contact me at

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