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New (and first) gypsy guitar

HennoxLaneHennoxLane Leuven, BelgiumNew
Hi everyone,

I'm beginning to think it's about time to buy myself a nice gypsy guitar, since up until now I've only been practicing on my simon&patrick folk guitar. Obviously, not the best choice for gypsy jazz...

So well, I've got between 500 and 1000 euros to spend, but not knowing any place in Belgium where I could try out some guitars, I see myself getting a bit lost in all the different models. I don't want to end up buying a crappy guitar, just because I didn't get the chance to try out different ones. Really, no one does, right? :)

Thus I turn to you guys... Have you got any suggestions as to
- where I might find myself a gypsy guitar dealer in Belgium (all the stores I know have like.. 1 guitar in stock or something.. It's silly :) )
- what model I should be looking for, in that price range
- petit bouche or D-hole? (I intend to play mostly lead and solo guitar pieces like the improvisations etc. But then again I play rhythm also sometimes... :? )

thanx in advance!


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