Gypsy Jazz Coffee...the missing ingredient

Heavy DjangoHeavy Django ✭✭✭
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Just discovered that Jon Jorgenson is marketing his own coffee on his website:

Franco-American Premium Blend Organic Coffee
"World-renowned for his Franco-American Swing, John Jorgenson applied his talent of orchestrating the right notes to this special blend that teeters in perfect harmony between the deep, bold tones of a smooth French and vibrant, sensual flavors of the American roast. "

Given that I have to drink 3-4 cups before practice (a necessity to jump start my la pompe, so to speak :shock: ), this new special blend could be the closely guarded secret to getting to the next level!

Michael, will this be made available through Djangobooks? :D


  • MichaelHorowitzMichaelHorowitz SeattleAdministrator
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    I just got a bunch of stuff from John but didn't think to order any coffee....I'll ask him about it.

    Fapy told me that he would drink coffee and have a cigarette to "clear the mind" before practicing. Very Gypsy-Zen approach!

  • Bob HoloBob Holo Moderator
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    I forget exactly where I read it the other day, but some new research evidently indicates that moderate coffee consumption does something good for you... reduces the incidence of something serious (heart related?) All the while I was growing up it was considered to be very unhealthy. It reminded me of the Woody Allen film "Sleeper" where the guy comes out of suspended animation in the future and asks for a whole grain sprouts & tofu sandwich with a shot of wheat-grass juice... the attendant turns to his friend and says: "What's that about?" His friend replies: "Oh... I remember from history class - people used to think those things were healthy... hey - while you're down at the cafeteria, would you get me some fudge and a milkshake?..." (or something like that)
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