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Mic for both guitar and mandolin

JohanJohan Oslo, NorwayNew

I would like to buy a mic/pickup i can use on my dell arte and on my new mandolin. I want to use the mandolin in both jazz and rock, on stage with drums. Would the Audio-Technica AT831B Lavaliere Condenser Microphone work for both?

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  • pinkgarypinkgary ✭✭✭
    Posts: 282
    If you're playing mandolin with a drum kit i wouldn't recommend a condenser mic, you'd be better off with a dynamic one (it won't pick up the drums)
  • You might do well to try out a DPA 4061. I have a friend who is a top pro dobro player and it works really well on that as well as on guitar. I was really amazed by the sound. Given the tonal qualities of a dobro it will probably work well on Mando as well.

    He has played on stage with a rock band (loud) through a pa mic feed and had not feedback problems even though it is an omni pattern. Seems to pick up the overtones really well. I'm saving up for one as they run jsut under $500 if memory serves.
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