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The used DG-300 Gitane shows up yesterday, basically as new and with a serial number that seems to indicate an '06 build date. It came in one of those fitted cases -- very cool.

There was an extra uncut bridge in the case pocket stamped "3." I assume this to be a Dupont bridge and it is W-A-Y too tall for this guitar. The bridge on it now has a couple of plastic-material shims under each side. It is lower than the bridge side thingies but the action seems okay.

Question: is the neck angle on DG-300's shallow? Will a "1" or a "2" Dupont bridge work? I have D'Addario 10s on the guitar and it sounds pretty good, not as poppy as my old hopped-up DG-255 and nowhere near where the MD-50 was. But I think I can make this guitar sound better with the right bridge.

any advice appreciated.



  • HereticHeretic In the Pond✭✭✭
    Posts: 230
    Congrats on getting a DG-300. Based on my experience with my own guitars, you could consider a few options.
    The Dupont #2 is a much better fit than the #3.
    Or, you could rout out the original bridge like that of the Dupont to lighten it and improve the overall volume and sound. That's my own preference - many will disagree, but it's my guitar, and the sound I like. Then, shim the original bridge with rosewood or ebony shim stock to get the height you want. I also flared the ends, underneath the way the Duponts are made. Don't over do it. And don't take anything off the top of the bridge.
    Argentine strings are generally the string of choice, and my own preference for playability and great sound. You could try a set of them as well.
    Good luck with it.
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