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[Video] Yngwie Malmsteen or Bireli?!

favino881favino881 Strasbourg, France✭✭✭✭
edited June 2009 in Welcome Posts: 46


  • Captain SwingCaptain Swing U.K.New
    Posts: 47
    I've never heard any evidence to suggest that Malmsteen has that kind of harmonic concept to play Jazz/Rock. It reminds me more of Frank Gambale, but with a lot more flair and passion. Gambale can be a bit book-ish.

    I have the rest of that fusion gig, & it's split between Bireli playing his Ovation acoustic, & his Fender Strat. The bass player is amazing as well. Very Jaco Pastorius.
    Unfortunately, the quality is not brilliant, but i uploaded that particular track just to show the metal-heads how it's done. :wink::lol:
  • favino881favino881 Strasbourg, France✭✭✭✭
    Posts: 46
    Thanks a lot for these like 200 vids you posted!
    You're the man!
    I don't know if you speak/read french, but you are a semi-god on the french forum !! ;-)
  • Captain SwingCaptain Swing U.K.New
    Posts: 47
    Thanks, & you're welcome.

    I've just had a look on manoucheries. Unfortunately my knowledge of French is poor, But it's good to see that the videos are being enjoyed in France! 8)
    I smiled when i saw two threads dedicated to Kapitan Swing's videos! :D
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