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Gypsy Jazz Mando at AMGUSS

jmcgannjmcgann Boston MA USANew
edited June 2005 in Mandolin Posts: 134
I taught a workshop at the American Mandolin and Guitar Summer School in Bristol RI last week, and was really happy to see about 30 mandolinists show up. The great Adam Larrabee assisted me on guitar and we played stuff like Limehouse Blues for a roomful of largely non-bluegrass oriented players, many of whom play a lot of classical music. I got a bit sidetracked explaining jazz harmony and voicing chords on the mando- it's really crucial, and it seems that classical education just doesn't deal with harmony via chord symbols very much...I wanted to dig in to some execution of lines and such, but with such a big class it's tough to be one on one. In any event, it was encouraging to see the interest among mandolin players. Why not us? :twisted: :twisted: :twisted:

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  • mandomaxmandomax Gainesville, FLNew
    Posts: 4
    I attended the above-mentioned class and will confirm what a great teacher John is. It was a shame we couldn't focus on gypsy style picking and la pompe more, but wonderful to watch John and Adam tear up some GJ standards. Well done, John! I look forward to printing out the rest of your lessons and picking up where we left off.
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