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How long do Argentine Strings last?

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As our esteemed host Michael predicted, we wore out the GHS Strings that came stock on the Cigano within 2 weeks. I will put on a new set of Argentine 11s this weekend.

How long should I expect the Argentines to last if I am only practicing 30-45 minutes every day? I don't mind if they go a little dead - I actually prefer the warmer sound. However, I wore through the wrapping and got "fret bumps" pretty quick on these GHS strings. I recall going through Augustine nylons every 2-3 months when I was playing classical.
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  • this subject has been talked about a trillion billion times on this forum. just look through the strings and things category. by the way, there was NEVER a concensus reached on the subject. its different for everyone but i think a general rule should be you should expect 20+ hours out of them and they should generally wear out before you break any of them.
  • BluesBop HarryBluesBop Harry Mexico city, MexicoVirtuoso
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    I get about a month+ out of mine and play everyday a minimum of 2-3 hrs but that's on two guitars both Duponts, I wipe my string every time after playing. Often I only change the first 2, 3 or 4 strings and keep the lows on.
    The high E gets out of whack in intonation fairly quick for me.

    When I had a Gitane the 3rd string would wear out within two weeks, I think there's something about the frets on some guitars that do that.
    I no big deal just stock yourself with extra single Gs.
  • Swing 69Swing 69 ScotlandNew
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    I've burst high E on last 2 sets of strings (Been hammering out chromatic runs, ....non stop, driving everyone MAD :D ) so have changed the full set both times.
    How much do you sweat?
    Blues bop is spot on, if you can get into the habit of cleaning them after you've finished practicing or whatever, they'll last alot longer.
    I go through strings in no time, however i know guys that put in the same amount of time and their strings last 4x longer. Like Djangology mentioned and i haven't done the searches, it's really like, how long is a piece of string, everyone's different. Keep hands clean and strings clean + they'll last longer.
    Just re strung tonight actually, John Pearse Nuages, never used them before so we'll see how long they hold out. :D
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