An odd question, but - how fast is your internet connection?

Bob HoloBob Holo Moderator
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I'm going through the throes of web development right now and am getting educated about the tradeoffs of size vs. load times for websites. Well, to be blunt, my better half said: Don't make your website slow - that's a drag!

She's smart - that's why I put that ring on her finger ;) haha.. so at any rate, I want to put cool things up for people but I don't want to make it slow.

Bottom line, help me not be a dingbat and give me some sense of what kind of internet connectivity you have so I know where to draw the line regarding size. Of course, most really big things just wind up getting put on youtube these days - but I'm talking about things like pictures of players and guitars and things in the process of getting built and such - which people tend to find interesting but which also tend to add up quickly and really slow things down so I want to be sensitive to that.
You get one chance to enjoy this day, but if you're doing it right, that's enough.


  • Craig BumgarnerCraig Bumgarner Drayden, MarylandVirtuoso Bumgarner S/N 001
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    Personally, I like websites the load fast over bells and whistles. Keep the home page simple, branch out through the menu interface where you can offer bigger band width treats (large pics, 360 degree java viewers, videos, etc.)

    Craig Bumgarner
  • steven_eiresteven_eire Wicklow✭✭✭✭ Dupont MD50
    Posts: 172
    if you do include videos, imo it's best to play them by streaming them with some kind of flash player ( like the way youtube operates ) not everybody wants to install players like realplayer etc.

    also some other ways to cut load time down are to use css files to style the site rather than html tables

    optimise images in photoshop ( for example for photo type images use jpg compression and for images with less colors e.g. buttons use the gif file type etc. )

    i've been working as a webdesigner for a few years so if you have any particular questions about optimising your site or anything else let me know
  • Bob, you can use Google Analytics to track that stuff and you'll be able to figure it out without having to ask people. Also, your web host provider, in addition, probably gives you a cPanel stats page that lets you see downloaded traffic on a per-file basis from your site.

    As far as videos go, you can down-encode them with SUPER ( ) , to various different formats (I use Xvid+MP3 in a AVI container), to improve the efficiency of the content on your site.
  • Bob HoloBob Holo Moderator
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    Wow - thanks gents - I'm cranking through these techniques - have been doing pictures for a few hours; learning the optimization. It's driving me nuts not building but this is good - need to learn the web part too and the hands need a break sometimes.

    The web optimization of photos is just freaky... 1/10 to 1/20 the size and they look about the same. I'd figured out how to drop them to ~ 1/2 size, but 1/10 and less.... that's just wild.

    At any rate - thanks very much.
    You get one chance to enjoy this day, but if you're doing it right, that's enough.
  • FingersFingers Los Angeles, California...the ValleyNew
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    I am on Safari on a Mac and I find this website to be a very slow load comparatively. The other guitar sites I go to are quite fast...a couple are slow however.

    Slow page loads are a drag, but LOL it was not that long ago I had dial up...we got cable modem some years ago and it mostly is blazing fast.
  • AdelaarvarenAdelaarvaren Ballard, WA, USANew
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    I'm agreed with Fingers that this is the slowest loading site I visit regularly. I'm on I.E. 6, Win XP.
  • can't access poll so downloads run around 4500 kbps
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  • Super Mario MaccaferriSuper Mario Maccaferri Route Nationale 20, FranceNew
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    Yes here also between 3500 on bad days and 5000 on good.
    Put this site up, Bob, we're waiting for it !!! :)
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