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Yul Brynner and Aliosha Dimitrievitch

BarengeroBarengero Auda CityProdigy
edited June 2005 in History Posts: 527
It seems to be a little quiet here, so I just want to write a little. I just saw there is a very fine record on ebay now. Im talking about "The Gypsy and I" of Yul Brynner and Aliosha Dimitrievitch: ... %3AIT&rd=1

I am listening to that music while writing this, though my english is quite poor. Because of that, please allow me to qoute the liner notes a little bit.

Aliosha was 19 years old, Yul was 12, when they first met in Paris. Together with some thirty guitars they worked in nightclubs. Yul became a part of their Kumpania and learned to play the diminuitive seven-string Gypsy guitar, and he even learned their language.

The war sent all the Tziganes back to the road: Yul went with the Chekhov Theatre company to America, while Aliosha and his sister Valia went through South America. Twenty years later, they met again and made this great record in 1967.

On that record they were accompanied by guitarist Serge Camps ( I think most of you know Serge´s outstanding recordings with Angelo Debarre and Frank Anastasio, which is the Ensemble de la Roue Fleurie: "Gypsy Guitars" Hot Club Records 56).

Yul´s singing in the "russian romanes" language is really impressive, and Aliosha is a great second. The song I like best is "Two Guitars", but the other songs are very fine as well.

There are some records of Aliosha, too. His sister Valia made recordings with Boulou and Elios Ferre: "Reve a la Russe". I think the Ferrets had a close contact to the Dimitrievitchs.

If you like Serge Camps band "Opus4", you ought to go for this record on ebay. It is definitly worth having it.

As far as I know Yul engaged for the Gypsies until he passed away. Has anyone more informations about this?

I also know that Yul´s sister Vera made a record with russian gypsy folk songs. Can anybody tell me more about this record?




  • Posts: 11
    :D Hi
    I have read that the Ferre's have always had a close relationship with the Russian community in FR.
    I believe Boulou's wife is Russian?
    I am always interested in anything about them!!
    I am curious about the recording Valia made with them i have never heard of this record before and would be interested in obtaining it.
    Thanks for sharing that and if you might point me in the direction where the recording you mention may be found!
    Anthony (Tony)
  • BarengeroBarengero Auda CityProdigy
    Posts: 527

    the record is called "Reve a la Russe…" CYL 6455 (LP). It was recorded in 1978. It features Valia not only with Boulou and Elios, but also with Marc de Loutchek, Svetlana Doka (vocals), again Serge Camps (guitar), Paly Guestros (violin) and Puka Shandor (cymbalum).

    Tracks are: Noudanou, Mes Tziganes; Te faches pas Macha, Hora et Doina, A mon coeur, Ivouchka, Doina, Zima, Je sors de ta vie "Czardas", Artillerie Lourde, Mes Tziganes (part 2).

    Unfortunately I don´t owe this record (yet), but I know that Michael Dregni has it. Perhaps Ted Gottsegen can help as well.


  • Elva LedesmaElva Ledesma Seattle, WANew
    Posts: 32
    The record by Vera Brynner is on sale in California on E-bay. Here is the description:
    "VERA BRYNNER: Russian Gypsy Folk Songs" LP from KAPP Records, from the late 50s...Cool LP!

    This is a litlte bit rough copy of a cool and scarce LP! With orchestra directed by Gleb Yellin...Selections are: "FISHERMAN'S SONG, I DREAMED OF A GARDEN, OH THOSE BEAUTIFUL EYES, KATIUSHA, GYPSY SPIRIT, BLACK SHAWL, LOVE IS GONE, WHAT DO I CARE, LITLE GATE, SHADOWS OF THE PAST, HEART, OLD FASHIONED WALTZ, GAY-DA TROIKA" KAPP #1116...Nice cover photo! (I wonder how she'd look...BALD!) Condition of the jacket; G, top and bottom split, tape residue on all edges...Still displayable. Condition of the vinyl; VG, light wear, slight scuffs.

    I happened to look and saw it. It's at [url=] ... eName=WDVW[/url]

  • BarengeroBarengero Auda CityProdigy
    Posts: 527
    Thank you very much for that tip, Elva!


  • Elva LedesmaElva Ledesma Seattle, WANew
    Posts: 32
    Glad I could help!
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