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Traveling with your Guitar

I was hoping some of you might have some good tips on flying with your guitar. I have heard that you can ask the flight attendant to put it in their closet but if they won't then what? Will it survive being checked with luggage in a hard case. Are the fiberglass ones like the ones Michael has for sale suitable for this purpose?. I am hopeing to go to Django in june next year and would like to figure out how best to get my guitar there.



  • BluesBop HarryBluesBop Harry Mexico city, MexicoVirtuoso
    Posts: 1,379
    It depends on the airline, how full the flight is and the mood of the flight attendants... they might let you put it into the first class closets, they might not.

    I've been in planes where the guitar didn't fit into the overhead compartment.
    A slim case or gig bag is easier in that respect, but still might not fit.

    Be early and refuse to check it in at all costs.

    I think those fiberglass cases are sturdy enough to go with the baggage... but I've heard horror stories about guitars not arriving with the planes and ending up somewhere else... or worse, arriving completely destroyed!

    On the other hand you could check it in and have it back intact, you never know. But it's a big risk.

    There's a way around it though:
    I've been thinking about adapting one of those small carry on approved bags to put my Nomade in (it has a bolt on neck, see pic) with the neck detached it fits into a small carrying case and it's really quick and easy to assemble it back when I get where I'm going, with the help of a capo you don't even have to take the strings off! You can send the empty case with your baggage.
    Talk about a travel guitar! Awesome tone too!
    Maurice Dupont is a magician.
  • richdaiglerichdaigle SLC,UT✭✭✭✭
    Posts: 181
    If you're flying an airline with a first class section here's what you do. It's all about attitude, learn where the first class closet is located(even if you're flying coach), and put your guitar in like you've already been given permission, it's all been cleared. If you do it with confidence no one will question it. The trick is just act like that's how you've always done things. If they put up a stink tell them they told you to do it at the ticket counter, or when you bought your ticket, because your transporting an extremely valuable instrument...(have it in a nice case)

    Gate check as a last resort, but never check it at the counter unless in an ATA approved case...
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