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Dell'Arte Hommage Oval Hole

Does anyone have have any photos of this model in the early stages of manufacture?
I have a Favino sized and shaped guitar but there is no name on the headstock or a label inside. I think the bindings are plastic. The struts inside are placed and sized as a Favino. The headstock has been modified to make it smaller as it had a quite long top part. The curves at the bottom are sharper and more angled and not as curved as current Dell'Arte's or Dupont's et al.
It looks very similar to the Hommage but looked like it had not been finished. Things like the moustaches are out of place, some glue lines, plastic nut etc. It has a nice thick chunk of Ebony on the fretboard
It sounds incredible and is similar to Favinos when played against them.
I've had the guitar over 6 years and it came from Francois Charle shop. He did not have it on display or took photos and Francois did not know the manufacturer.
I think it's a Dell'arte, maybe a prototype that **** might have brought over and possibly passed onto Francois.
I'll post some photos, but can someone tell me how to?

Cheers all
Alors, un, deux...


  • Phydeaux3Phydeaux3 New
    Posts: 22
    Hello all,

    Click on this link to have a look at my guitar[/img]
    Alors, un, deux...
  • fraterfrater Prodigy
    Posts: 763
    I don't think it's a Dell' Arte... it reminds me of a model Mazaud does modeled after a Favino but "plastic nut, glue lines and moustaches out of place" are not exactly his trademark! :)
  • BluesBop HarryBluesBop Harry Mexico city, MexicoVirtuoso
    Posts: 1,379
    Why don't you call or write to ****?

    You might also want to ask Jacques Mazzoleni at he may be able to shed some light on the subject.

    Good luck!
  • Phydeaux3Phydeaux3 New
    Posts: 22
    Thank you Gentleman.

    Taking up BBH advice, I've looked at **** and checked the photos of guitars on there.

    This is my headstock. It has been modified at my request. The length has been shortened and the top cut at an angle. There was no logo on it. ... otostream/ ... 4248167117

    It is very (if not exactly) like the headstock on the Jimmy Rosenberg Model. Check where the top of the tuners end on my guitar to the cut for the top angle compared to the Rosenberg model. As there wasn't a logo on the headstock, it made it look out of proportion to the neck, that's why I had it modified. Also chck the bottom portion where the curves are more sharp then other headstocks.

    The heel looks the same (except mine doesn't have the button for the strap) ... otostream/


    The rosette inlay is exactly the same as the Dark Eyes Model


    The Neck and Body is the same as the Hommage. The fret inlays have been changed, they used to have dots and not bars and at some point I'm going to get MOP fitted instead of the ones on there as I think they are plastic.

    As mentioned before the body is a Favino shape. I have measured it up against Favino's owned by some of my friends and had the dimensions double checked.

    So it's looking like it has different features from different parts of Dell'Arte guitars.

    As you can see it's quite battered through use and the soundboard has darkened over the years. I don't remember it being as blonde as the Jimmy Rosenberg & Hommage Models though.

    So if it is a Dell Arte (and I think it is albeit a hybrid?), I'm very pleased. My original and very biased view of Dell'Arte as a decent manufacturer has changed. I have always thought that you can only get a great gypsy type guitars from France.

    Also I seem to remember that it was **** that helped me sell my Eccleshall to a very persistant Gypsy at Samois in 2002. I don't speak French so I think Alain stepped in; voluntarily I might add.

    Any other comments are welcome
    Alors, un, deux...
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