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Galli string composition?

Some online retailers describe these as 'acoustic guitar silver plated on silk & steel' and I was wondering if this is correct. I've also read alot of rave reviews by players, but have hesitated to try them because I would imagine that the tension would be quite different if the string wasn't entirely comprised of metal.


  • MichaelHorowitzMichaelHorowitz SeattleAdministrator
    Posts: 5,920
    There are two types of silk and steel strings from Galli:

    "Gypsy Jazz Silk & Steel Stringscombine the exagonal steel core and the copper wrapping with an intermediate layer of silk, giving the string an extremely soft tension and sweet and warm sound.

    Both models use the "Digitally Controlled Winding Process" technology, which allows a perfect winding of the coils, and the "T-Skin" process, which covers the strings with an invisible protective film, guaranteeing longevity. "

    The VO27 strings are nylon and steel: "A hexagonal core wrapped in nylon and covered with silver copper for the low notes. Steel for the high notes. The "gipsy" string. "

    The VO27s don't have the "T-Skin".

    Galli also makes silver plated copper strings which are very similar to the Argentines...see: Galli Gypsy Strings GSB10

  • drollingdrolling New
    Posts: 153
    I didn't realize that you already had such a thorough description in the store. Now I'm really jonesin' to try them on my maple oval hole. Decreased tension AND a warmer tone is exactly what I'm looking for! Thanks.
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