searching for gypsy jazz guitars on the internet

If you were looking to find a gypsy jazz guitar or a luthier on the internet what words would you use in your search?


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    If your looking for one of the big time guitars, you do the obvious and use the name, Favino-Dupont etc....
    If your looking for a "gigging or learning priced" guitar or to get a sense of the market, use the prefixes Django, Gypsy, Selmer, Maccaferri, in front of the word guitar. So -gypsy guitar- in a google search will get huge results.
    Most all the factory and luthier built guitars (even actual Selmers) will be available on Ebay at some time or the other and virtually all can be caught using this method.
    Ebay is sparse now, but will pick up near Xmas.

    You will not find a retailer selling a new Asian guitar on Ebay or anywhere at less cost than the store on this website. I've checked for years! I suspect this is also true of some of the midrange luthier built guitars. Your best "deal" on a new guitar is under your nose. I have no incentive to say this except that I've checked and its simply true.

    Obviously you might want the specific name of other builders if that's what your after; many of which are available in this thread "Guitars, Strings, Picks, ........under a topic called "guitar wars".

    Though I've been at it a long time, I'm a novice searcher, using these same ideas over and over. But I rarely miss the most sought after rare guitars for sale and have kept up on the typical offerings of the factory producers and their prices.

    You didn't really specify what you want in GJ guitars. If you did, I bet others could chime in with better specific search methods.
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