PREAMP FOR BIGTONE: Schertler Stat-Pre or Pre-A III?

I have a Schertler Unico and just wanted to know which one of the two Pre-Amps could be used for a bigtone pickup, as it doesn't get very loud when plugged directly into the Stat- channel of the Unico.

Any help is greatly appreciated.


  • DuozonaDuozona Phoenix, AZNew
    Posts: 159
    The Unico itself has those features built-in, so I dont think the pre's will be of any assistance really. What I would get that I use with my bigtone/unico combo is the schertler active driver cable, it really makes a difference.

    For the connection of passive pick-up systems requiring high impedance input (passive piezo systems, ellectric guitars and basses with magnetic pickup). Active Driver Cable is a mono Jack with one side modified electronics for rising input impendence. Using it with a Unico amplifier, input impedance is near to 500 Kohm. The red connector is the active one, plug it into your amplifier Jack input (Stat In).
    Order code : CA-ADRIVER-4

    Also, be careful of losing volume by cutting the amps eq's too much. You can lose lots of volume by cutting the treble for example.

  • mosikmosik GermanyNew
    Posts: 30
    Hey, thanks for the reply.

    The thing is that I have the bigtone built into the bridge by german luthier Jürgen Volkert who has a vast experience with maccaferri guitars ( The bigtone is set a bit deeper into the bridge, not too close to the strings. This greatly improves the tone, but also implicates a loss of output gain (like the Bigtonde deluxe setup sold here at So I thought to compensate it with the Preamp. So do you really mean that the Preamp doesn't improve the outpout volume?

    But thanks for the cable tip, I'll try it out!
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