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collins petite bouche

I picked up my Collins petite bouche about a month ago and I love the guitar. It isn't completely flawless but I think I would hate it if it was. It sounds great and gets better and better with time. Plus Michael is a great guy and completely accessable. I couldn't recommend him more. The action was if anything a bit on the low side but I raised it with a couple of slives of business card and it sounded louder and better. Michael is making me a new custom bridge gratis. He will be at DFNY incidentally.


  • aa New York City✭✭✭✭
    Posts: 800
    excuse me if the following question comes off sounding somewhat focused on the critical-
    aside from the action, what exactly do you mean by "not flawless?" i've read other posts that say something to that effect, but a little more specificity would help. if you could turn back the clock, what would you ask him to change (or be aware of)? i recently placed an order with michael for a petite bouche. any response is much appreciated.
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  • chappiechappie ✭✭✭✭
    Posts: 125
    Nothing is perfect... there are tiny imperfections here and there which you might only notice if you are looking very closely. I have yet to see any of these guitars without the same types of things, including Martins straight from the factory. This is a beautiful guitar with a great sound that gets better and better as it has settled. If you are looking for the perfect guitar, good luck. Personally, I could give a damn. I love it.
  • ViejoVatoViejoVato New
    Posts: 80
    charlie ....
    second to all that .. i have had my collins for about 2 weeks and it just simply has the best tone of any Dell A'rte I've played ... Michael BTW is coming to Django fest SouthWest (Samois sur San Pedro) ....

    C'mon on out .. pass this link along if possible

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