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Jeff MooreJeff Moore Minneapolis✭✭✭✭ Lebreton 2
I have a D-500 that I'm very fond of and that I've put a lot of mods into. One of the mods was to change the neck angle. The top of the bridge is now 1" (24mm) above the top.
The top is succumbing to the increased down pressure and is now flat. The 1" bridge would be closer to 13/16", with a properly arched top. The sound is still typical D-500, as near as I can tell.
My questions are: what pattern should I use to rebrace it and can't I alter the darkness that is inherent in this guitar?
I like the sound as it is, but would lift the Hz a bit if I could. I have nicely dried sitka and carbon fiber (as an option for strength).

Thanks in advance
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  • Bob HoloBob Holo Moderator
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    If your change in neck angle resulted in the bridge going from 13/16" (20.6mm) to 24mm... it is unlikely that your flattened top is the result of that higher bridge. That's just not enough change to damage the guitar. It's more likely that you're using heavy strings or that you've damaged one of the structural braces or shaved the braces etc...

    Try rebracing it with the pattern on it already - it'll give you a good learning experience and going back to full strength braces will stiffen the top and bring out the highend
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  • Jeff MooreJeff Moore Minneapolis✭✭✭✭ Lebreton 2
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    First thanks for responding Bob. Nice to get advice from a luthier. I was thinking I needed to do repair for a sinking top. Other good advice has convinced me that what you said is true, and that this may be just winter-summer differences and that the existing braces are adequate. The playability didn't change but a fraction. Its probably been this way (flattened) but unoticed, so I probably won't fix it cause it isn't busted. I didn't carve or do anything to the original braces.

    If the top continues to drop, or if my caution succumbs to a mood swing, I'll rebrace it as you suggested. Thanks
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