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jayjayjayjay New
edited December 2007 in Gypsy Rhythm Posts: 29
I just got Gypsy Rhythm for Christmas and I have a few questions on how to get going on this massive collection of information. Ideally I would work through the whole book in order, learn everything, and then apply this information to the transcriptions at the end of the book. However, I have some of the basics down already and would like to start learning the GJ repertoire. My brother plays lead and I will be accompanying him. We want to start with the songs listed in "gypsy rhythm" but I am wondering how the transcriptions in the book go together to form a complete song. for example, Minor Swing starts out with the Intro/Outro chords and then goes into the "basic solo changes," can I piece these two transcriptions together and come up with the right chords for the 1937 recording? Any advice would be great and much appreciated.


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