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Wanted: Jazz pickup with fingerboard mount...

that is thin enough to fit at the end of a Selmer guitar fingerboard (which is about 1/2"). I'd prefer something that is a humbucker, low noise, and has adjustable pole pieces since the brass strings are poorly balanced when amplified with a magnetic pickup.

Anyone have a used one they'd like to sell, or have a good recommendation?


  • Bob HoloBob Holo Moderator
    Posts: 1,252
    Except for the adjustable pole pieces you're describing the Kent Armstrong Slimbucker... 0.375" thick - sounds like a jazz humbucker. You can get them on his site - google him - I think his 'official' site is something like WD Music ... though probably a lot of people have slimbuckers... $90-$100 or so for the raw pickup in box with no pots or wires or caps.

    It's still a stretch for a Selmer style instrument - Favinos/Hommages are a good bet as they have higher bridges, thicker fretboards & etc... so more clearance...
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