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Rythym and picking

edited February 2008 in Gypsy Rhythm Posts: 33
It seems to me that after I practice rythym and then go to practice my right hand picking, that my picking seems to be better. I have read that rythym is learned first in the Gypsy style. Is this true? Thanks.


  • pdaiglepdaigle Montreal, QCNew
    Posts: 233
    Very true. Some players (like Ninine Garcia) spend years playing rhythm before they start to play lead.

    Gypsy rhythm is a great way to loosen the right wrist and get used to playing without resting on the fingerboard. Not to mention you get to learn the repertoire (chord changes).
  • MichaelHorowitzMichaelHorowitz SeattleAdministrator
    Posts: 6,116
    Yes...most Gypsy guitarists serve a long apprenticeship with an older, more experienced player.

    Angelo Debarre played rhythm for Raphael Fays, Moreno played rhythm for Tchan Tchou, etc, etc

  • Ryan FlahertyRyan Flaherty New EnglandNew
    Posts: 99
    Yea... also you may find that after practicing your rest stroke exercises... it will make your rhythm better as well... at least I find this... that it makes my right hand stronger and more awake.
    If you are feeling sloppy on the pompe... go through some simple rest stroke exercise for 10 minutes and then switch back... I always hear a difference after this.

    (also find that practicing Samba will loosen your hand for faster pompe tempos and vice versa)
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