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Hello everyone,
I've came over here (and started getting into gypsy music seriously) mainly because of two guys: Andreas and Denis. I live in Montreal and since I've seen those two Andreas gigs this spring, there's been no coming back. These shows were absolutely amazing to me. Then I got in touch with the master, Denis, and this summer really has been all about gypsy music. I've been slowly trying to learn jazz basics & gypsy rhythm with his help. But I come more from a background of reading tabs, practicing my technique and learning by ear, but not much improvising which is quite hard for me at my stage.

Anyway, after hearing Andreas' Troublant Bolero youtube video, I decided I had to transcribe his solo because it's really too awesome. So here I am, I've transcribed half of it.

By the way, I don't claim my transcription is really accurate rhythmically, in the notes, in the fingerings or in any gypsy technique that I don't know yet. And I've had a lots of trouble with the rhythms, I think you can see it ha ha. At least, it will help those who want to learn to get an idea. Here it is (the first half):

(Audio and powertab file in attachment)

Link of the video:

Part 2 should come one day or another, but since my school starts soon I can't guarantee it.

So thanks again,
Andreas you're absolutely incredible (not as much as Holdsworth though, but still... j/k :wink: ) . And I hope I didn't butchered your solo too much. :?

*One last thing, I haven't written the chord changes in the tab yet, but I'd like to know where I could find an accurate chart of the chord changes of this piece? That would be greatly appreciated.


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