Caravan - Stochelo Licks

chip3174chip3174 New
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Ok, I was curious what kinds of things a great gypsy master might play over just one chord and I came up with this. Stochelo is like the bunny on this one (as in Energizer) :lol:

Comes from Rosenberg Trio's version of Caravan.

All over A7 chord, starting at about 1:07 of the tune.

Dennis or Michael please correct me on anything that looks or sounds strange.

Hope you folks enjoy working on it as much as I have.


P.S.: I had to split up the measure a few times, I'm still new to PowerTab...does anyone have any ideas on how not to let that happen?


  • BluesBop HarryBluesBop Harry Mexico city, MexicoVirtuoso
    Posts: 1,379
    Hey Chip,
    Don't feel bad.
    Even though Caravan was already transcribed, it probably gave you a different kind of pleasure doing it yourself, Didn't it?
    And probably yours it's different than the already posted one as it's all good.

    Some of you may think I'm crazy... but when it comes to transcriptions I rather always do my own. And I do. Even the classic-already-transcribed-a-million-times solos.
    You get the wonderful ear training and you become really intimate with each note and all the subtle nuances of articulation of each player, you can be really sure it's accurate and it's a lot of fun too.
    How many times have you heard guys playing a classic solo and don't sound even close to the recording? I bet that's because they got the music from a book or the internet.

    Now don't get me wrong it's cool to use transcription books and all that, it's just that I like to do it myself.

    Keep swinging!!!!
  • chip3174chip3174 New
    Posts: 135
    Hey thanks are right it was fun working on it and I feel the same way you do about transcribing stuff on your somehow gets in your bones better.

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