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Gypsy Rhythm or Picking? Which to choose?

billyshakesbillyshakes NoVA✭✭✭ Park Avance - Altamira M10
edited July 2007 in Gypsy Rhythm Posts: 620
Hey all,

Looking for advice from those who have used both books. Obvious answer to me is BOTH but for now, I want to devote the time to just one.

Background on me is that I have been playing GJ for about 5 years now on and off, have sat in on a clinic with Robin Nolan at DFNW and took a few lessons with Lollo Meier when I was living near him. I would still only classify myself as an intermediate player with basically no solo/improv skills.

I'm looking to really work on Rhythm playing first. Lollo always stressed that tremelo picking was very important and I still cant do it correctly.

Anyway, MY QUESTION is this: Which book should I start with? Am I able to dive in straight into the Gypsy Rhythm book? (What I am thinking of doing). Is the Gypsy Picking book more geared to someone not familiar with the basic ins and outs of la pompe? Or to develop more speed and articulation when soloing?

Any advice and input would be greatly appreciated.
Cheers, Bill

P.S. You should check out the new Roses CD by Lollo and Tcha Limberger. He finally recorded the title track though he has played it for many years now. Catchy Rhythm changes based melody.


  • chip3174chip3174 New
    Posts: 135

    Normally I would say start with Gypsy Picking first. That seems to be the conventional wisdom around here. But since you sound like you have got a fair amount of experience, perhaps you could start both concurrently...

    I got Gypsy Picking first and it introduced me to lots of great things, and prepared me for later more difficult material. I was (and still am) new to the style though.

    The Rhythm book is fantastic, just be prepared to get your thumb in shape!!

  • BluesBop HarryBluesBop Harry Mexico city, MexicoVirtuoso
    Posts: 1,379
    Both are Great!!
    Gypsy picking it's all about lead picking technique doesn't talk about la pompe or rhythm at all.
    Gypsy rhythm is all about accompaniement, huge book, and it hardly mentions any lead stuff.
    There's are also the wonderful (pay)lessons that Michael offers here on the site, some of them are on the Gypsy rhythm book and there's one on Gypsy Picking so you could start with those.
    But if posible just get both books and divide your practice time.
  • billyshakesbillyshakes NoVA✭✭✭ Park Avance - Altamira M10
    Posts: 620
    Thanks guys for the advice so far. I was exposed to some of the "thumb" chords by Lollo as well as the doublestop of the E and A strings or the A and D strings with the middle finger. I know I went through many frustrating evenings trying to get that thumb to play right but now it seems natural. When I can't get it, I cheat and substitute a barre chord and sometimes I interchange them just because I am bored!

    Michael...don't know if the poll pegs the topic to the top of the list....if so, please feel free to edit it to reduce the length down to a week or something. It is the first poll I've ever done. Expect an order from me in a week or so ;-)

    Cheers, Bill
  • clacosclacos New
    Posts: 14
    I own both and my vote goes to gypsy rythm.
    I'm looking to really work on Rhythm playing first.
    ... specially in this case.
    Am I able to dive in straight into the Gypsy Rhythm book?
    after five years of GJ, i bet you are :)
    Even for somebody totally new to the style, i would recommend it ! ( together with "Gypsy Guitar: The Secrets as Played by the Masters vol1" (and vol1 only !!) which has a quick and gentle introduction to different rythm styles; if i could go back, i'd buy only this book and 'Gypsy Rythm')
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