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Long time lurker here, figured a few of you might be interested in a guitar I'm parting ways with.

A few years ago, I purchased an original Selmer tenor guitar from a shop in Europe. It's a fascinating and rare beast. Round sound hole, unique rosette, likely from the early '30s. No label inside/sn, but it does have the Selmer headstock and the original tuners/tailpiece. No one has modified it to make it a six string.... yet.

It was at one point restored by Maurice Dupont, and he remembers it well and can vouch for it. I also contacted Francois Charle about it and, after showing him the pics, he surmises that it was a prototype built for Eddie Freeman himself. It has some traits of EF guitars but lacks the weird string spacing/neck found on EF guitars. He says that he wished he knew about it earlier, as it would have certainly gone in the book. I can pass along these emails to whomever gets this guitar.

The guitar is a joy and very loud and resonant. A wonderful instrument. Unfortunately, personal finances being what they are, it seems a little decadent to hold onto it. I gave it to local jazz guitar dealer John Stewart to sell for me and you can read about it on his site and see pics here: The price is $9,250.

One thing is for certain: it's probably the cheapest all original, playable Selmer that is for sale right now. If someone is interested, shoot John a note. And thanks for having such a neat forum. I've spent many an hour reading through your posts.


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