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Jimmy Rosenberg Documentary

wayne nakamurawayne nakamura ✭✭✭✭
edited December 2007 in Archtop Eddy's Corner Posts: 169
I watched the Jimmy Rosenberg documentary last night on TVO. Very sad. Jimmy is in such bad shape between the drug addiction and the extended stays in a sanitarium.

His family seems cursed. All the boys got heavily into drugs. His father spent 9 years in jail for murdering his son-in-law who was abusing Jimmy's sister and their kids.

Jimmy signed a million dollar contract with Sony records and then burned through the money in a year. With his father in jail, Jimmy lost his guide and mentor and the whole family fell apart.

It was interesting watching Stochelo tell his side of it. Advising Jimmy that he has what most musicians only dream about and not to throw it away.

Jimmy ends up in jail for being in a fight where someone lost an eye. the program ends with Jimmy not showing up at Samois and his father renouncing him as his son until the drugs are under control.

It was very, almost too, revealing. I think Jimmy agreed to participate in the documentary to help atone for his sins. He is very hung up on guilt. How he let his father down, his two wives, his kids, his community. He looked so filled with pain and guilt it was hard to watch.

He still can play and improvise. Such a shame.

Wayne Nakamura


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