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Dark tone on violin

djangadjodjangadjo NebraskaNew
edited October 2007 in Violin Posts: 38
For jazz violinists: ways to get a "dark" as opposed to "bright" tone. What techniques do you use? For example: slower bow? bow closer to fingerboard?

Thank you in advance for suggestions.
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  • daddyfruitdaddyfruit SaipanNew
    Posts: 21
    Since the lower strings have a naturally darker sound, I play in the higher positions there instead of on a higher string. It also sounds darker to use a vibrato with the finger more flat instead of right on the tip. I agree that it would help to bow a bit closer to the fingerboard instead of the bridge too.
  • djangadjodjangadjo NebraskaNew
    Posts: 38
    Thank you. Do you know if players using pickups adjust their amps to further add to the "dark" tone?
    87 Rue de Dunkerque: "The bow must go up and down."
  • daddyfruitdaddyfruit SaipanNew
    Posts: 21
    Sorry...my experience is acoustic-only! Anyone else?
  • tim weedtim weed Los Angeles CANew
    Posts: 10
    hey all, in response to the Q about getting a dark tone on the fiddle. I found that playing with more weight into the string through the length of the bow helps.

    (Playing with weight not more pressure.) The arm is pretty heavy and if you can get that WEIGHT to transfer to the string you will naturally get a warmer, darker sound.

    *The key is to get the right elbow up in the bow arm... if the right elbow droops down way below your bow hand all the great playing wight is not being used.

    You might try to work it out this way.......

    I started working on playing just open strings for a while and that really seemed to do the trick. Practicing open strings for 15min 20min with a really slow, slow, slow bow is kind of nauseating at first but it seems to be the fastest way to develop great tone while getting the "shakes" out of the bow. If you can remember to keep that elbow up level with your bow hand you will really start to hear a difference in the tone. Do this for 15 to 20 min a day and you will notice a pretty dramatic change in your sound in about a week if not immediately.

    Working on that bit myself and it seems to be doing the trick. let me know if it works for ya.
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